Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Follow-Up to Session 1

I hope you all enjoyed our first session. 
1. Please answer the poll question at right: What's your favorite tool?

2. Please add a comment (click on "commentsbelow). What do you see as opportunities for and challenges to using blogs or wikis (or other social tools) with your workforce and content? How would you overcome the challenges?


  1. Looking forward to seeing some conversations around the opportunities for social media and challenges that we can all help to overcome through sharing of ideas!

  2. sure need to hone my SoMe skills.
    will most likely blog to practice, just need to gather my thoughts on it before i publish.

  3. Opportunity to share and learn information quickly. Challenges if incorrect information is posted, need to monitor the posts to make sure any incorrect information is addressed right away.

  4. I think I can use a blog as a follow up to our new hire orientations. Sometimes people are reluctant to speak their minds in a group setting. The biggest challenge I see is monitoring the blog.

  5. I am wondering if we can use blogs to increase dialog between departments to share information. Also we have representatives in the field and this may be a great way to get them sharing information and best practices. The biggest challenge is getting people excited and involved in using the tools, we also have to be aware that we have some staff that has little access to computers and are not technology saavy.

  6. To start, I hope to use a blog as feedback for workplace learning programs. Getting this far has been interesting

  7. I think we have several opportunities to use blogs or wikis to share ideas/information in both the training and/or claims organization.

    Challenges include identifying all the ways we could incorporate social media into the workplace and then identifying which tool we want to try first. Several people in my organization do not think hosting a webinar to share information with more than 25 people is effective so getting them to see the benefit of using social media to reach out to 100s of employees at one time could also be a challenge.

    If the content on the blog/wiki is considered discoverable, it will be important to have a process in place to confirm the accuracy of the content. It will also be a challenge to ensure our less tenured reps understand that venues vary from state to state so a tip posted by a claim rep/blogger from NY may not be appropriate for use by reps/bloggers in CA.

  8. which would be better if using blog/wiki as a continuation of tools training where multiple topics might be followed at once? for example, using a configuration management tool might have a number of threads to follow ... one for admin, one for conversions, etc..

    1. Really like the thread idea!

  9. I would like to create a baseline understanding of what the learning levels are for upcoming classes and courses. A constant challenge in the industry is that automobile dealers often treat their people and their training as proprietary and discourage collaboration. By engaging well below the dealer level through training one-offs, such as blogs, my hope is that the participants - and eventually the dealers - will see the demonstrated value of training and industry collaboration.

  10. Nice stuff here from everyone. Reminder: If you're posting as "anonymous", please sign off with your name or initials so we'll know who's talking.

    It's interesting that so many of you talked about the use of tools like blogs and wikis for the purpose of improving communication between organizational silos and learners. Often, even after the class, people still see blogs as just another way of pushing info the training department wants to distribute.

    Anonymous 1 said, and Anonymous 2 echoed:"Challenges if incorrect information is posted, need to monitor the posts to make sure any incorrect information is addressed right away." Why is this such a concern with social tools, but not back in the workplace? Surely learners tell each other incorrect information all the time?

    Tara: The capability for having threaded comments is new for blogs, and blogger has only recently added it. It does lend another element of interactivity.

    Kari: Tell me more about what you mean by "learning levels"?

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in session 2.



    AnonymousSeptember 17, 2012 6:44 AM

  11. I definitely see some opportunities for using Wikis and Blogs in the courses that I'm developing, particularly in the virtual environment. I think that it would work really well as homework, a good way to engage them outside of the classroom. I think this works well for virtual classes since they are usually broken up over a couple of weeks. By utilizing a blog or wiki, it would give the participants a chance to build the content over the course of a few weeks.

    I think an obstacle would be to keep the content engaging. It will feel more like a chore if everything they're doing is mundane. The activities and content need to engage the learner.

    -David Lord